Server hardware, software and support


We supply both the hardware and software (typically Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, SBS2011, Exchange 2010/2011) for servers as well as do full installations.

For hardware you have the choice of using a branded server from the likes of HP, Dell and IBM or you may decide that a generically built server is preferable. This is a choice that needs to be made by each company based on the business needs and risk profile.

The advantages of using a branded server as opposed to a generically built server is that you get the best technology from an experienced vendor, along with a good warranty – usually next business day replacement for any hardware failures. The disadvantages is that the cost is significantly higher than for generically built servers.

The advantages of buying a generic server is that you can  customize your hardware to include the best components and exact specification needs from several brands. The total price is also significantly cheaper, so you can usually build 2 generic servers for less than the price of a branded equivalent with the same specification.  We usually choose this option when building servers unless a customer specifically requests a branded server.

All our server installations are virtualized using our an open sourced Linux virtualization platform called Proxmox

An example of a typical server installation we have undertaken recently includes moving companies from a legacy SBS2003 server to the newer SBS2011, while importantly minimizing company downtime. 

We have not included any price lists because sale prices vary continuously due to stock availability, fluctuating rand-dollar exchange rates, special offers, products continually reaching end-of-life etc. Also server specifications tend to be very specific for a company’s specific needs. However, our aim is always to be competitive and provide “value for money”.

Please email  us for a quotation and we will be happy to send you the latest prices and availability depending on your requirements. Delivery is usually free, but we will confirm this upon quotation.

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