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Buying from us

How to buy equipment from Precision Networks?

Email is our preferred method for quotations and upon receipt we will check availability and confirm prices via email (of course if the IT equipment you are looking for is not displayed on our website, we will also be very happy to source and supply you with this where possible). Once payment is received we will courier the products to your preferred shipping address.

How do I pay?

Payment must be made by either bank transfers or cash payments into our FNB account.

Do prices include Vat?

Yes we are Vat registered.

Is any prices shown on our web products, the price I will pay?

This will be a guidance price and email confirmation of prices is required. This is because although prices may be correct at the time of publicationthey are subject to stock availability and price volatility from our suppliers. As you are aware the rand is volatile against the dollar over the last few months, which impacts prices which has an impact on all dollar-based products that are brought into the country. Unfortunately this situation is something we don’t have control of and it has a major impact on the difference between our website quoted prices and the final landed cost.  However we will strive to ensure you get the best price possible and should you find a product cheaper elsewhere, we will do our best to beat it. Service prices are less volatile and are updated regularly.

How much do deliveries cost?

Delivery is via our courier service – which is usually FREE for larger orders However should there be a delivery charge for some orders, we will supply this with the final quotation.

How long to receive goods once an order has been made?

On most equipment it takes between 2 and 3 days for delivery for products after confirmation of payment, this includes machine build time, testing and courier time. Smaller items that do not require build time it is usually only two days. Note couriers do not deliver on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.

As Cisco equipment is notoriously harder to source, there is usually at least 5 working days for delivery to cape Town based companies and +- 7 to 15 working days countrywide. Sometimes it can be several weeks when there is no stock to be found countrywide. Obviously we will strive to beat this where possible.

What is the warranty policy for products bought from Precision Networks? 

Products sold by us are covered by our suppliers carry-in warranties. These warranties will be passed onto you. Hence should a product become faulty as covered by the terms of the warranty, we will advise you on how to go about getting it replaced/repaired. Obviously the warranties do not cover problems occurring due to product negligence.



About us

What is the core business of Precision Networks?

Although the core business of Precision Networks is to provide IT LAN/WAN Networking Services and Products, we aim to supply hardware and software at competitive prices! This is because from time to time our suppliers will have specials on equipment such as Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Printers, Monitors, Flat Screens, Projects etc.

What proof do I have that Precision Networks is a Real Company?

We understand that many South Africans are still unsure about the safety of buying from companies that advertise their services and products on the web. Like you we share this concern and in turn also have to be very careful about the legitimacy of potential buyers, because as we sell laptop and PC products, we are often targeted by “West African” type scams.

To tell you more about us, Precision Networks CC has been around since early 2005 and has already built up a large portfolio of customers who we would be more than happy to put you in touch with, should you require any reassurance about the quality of our products and services. Other useful information is also available from the government’s public database at CIPRO.


 How do I apply for ISP and ADSL accounts?

1. Decide whether you want and ISP only account or ISP and ADSL combined account. Then decide on the amount of Gigabytes you need per month as well as the ADSL line speed (if relevant). If you are unsure of your bandwidth and ADSL needs, choose the 1 Gigabyte account (384 kbps line speed) for starters.

2. If you are choosing an ISP only account, you probably already have an exiting ISP account with another Vendor and want to change over to us for the ISP portion. Note you will still need to have an existing ADSL enabled line, which we assume you are continuing to pay for using Telkom directly. Note even if you have an existing ADSL line, you can still transfer the payment for this over to Precision Networks as per point 3 below.

3. If you are choosing an ISP and ADSL combined account then this is probably a new ADSL installation or you are transferring both the ISP and ADSL accounts to Precision Networks.

4. For ISP only accounts, email us the following:

  • The ISP bandwidth needed.

  • Your company address, website, registration number and VAT number.

We will email you your ADSL username and password. These will need to be set up in your ADSL router. Need an ADSL router or helping setting up your router then email us?

5. For ISP and ADSL line accounts, email us the following:

  • The ISP bandwidth, ADSL line speed needed.

  • Your company address, website, registration number and VAT number.

  • The telephone number of the phone line that will be using ADSL.

A combined account will take a few weeks to be set up and we will email you your ADSL username and password once this account is activated. Need an ADSL router or helping setting up your router then please email us.

What is the difference between the ADSL and ISP part of a broadband connection?

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a form of DSL, a data communications technology that enables faster data transmission over copper telephone lines than a conventional voiceband modem can provide. It does this by utilizing frequencies that are not used by a voice telephone call. A splitter allows a single telephone connection to be used for both ADSL service and voice calls at the same time. The ADSL line is is provided by Telkom, although you can now order and pay for this using Precision Networks. Line options available are 384 kbps, 512 kbps and 4096 kbps.

The ISP portion provides consumers or businesses access to the internet and related services and comes in Gigabyte options, i.e. 1GB, 2GB, 3GB etc. You need both the ADSL line and and ISP account to be able to access the internet.

How long does it take to set up ISP and ADSL accounts?

Time taken to activate combined ADSL and ISP accounts will be dependent on the time taken for Telkom to install the ADSL line, even though you are ordering and paying for the ADSL through us – usually up to 2 weeks from the time of ordering. To create stand alone ISP accounts (where you pay Telkom for the ADSL line) is much quicker and these can be set up once our sales team responds to your request – usually a few hours after receiving your email request (and assuming that you have an activated ADSL line). We will email you your username and password.

How do I pay for ISP and ADSL Accounts?

Payment for ISP and ADSL accounts will be via EFT and we will send you a monthly invoice.

What happens if I don’t pay for my ISP/ADSL account in time (before the month end)?

Your account will be terminated until you settle the outstanding amount in full.

What happens if I run out of bandwidth before the month end?

You can top up your account as and when required. See the price list.

 How easy is it to change from my ISP to using Precision Networks ?

If you have an existing account then transfer will be seamless. We will email you the username and password and these will need to be entered into your ADSL router. The transfer of the ADSL line will happen behind the scenes and you will start paying Precision Networks rather than Telkom once the transfer is completed.

 What is the advantage of using Precision Networks rather than other ISPs ?

For clients who use Precision Networks for maintaining their networks, allowing us to control your ADSL and ISP accounts means that we can rapidly respond to any network problems related to your Internet access rather than us having to work through third party ISPs. We also try to provide a rapid and personalised response to your ISP and ADSL queries. We also strive to give you competitive prices.

Cisco Related Questions

 What is the relationship between Cisco and Precision Networks?

Precision Networks is a Cisco SMB/SME Certified company. While we supply equipment to any South African company, our focus for networking designs is aimed at SME type companies.

How do you supply Cisco equipment.

Precision Networks has relationships with several local distributors. 

Are all products genuine Cisco?

Yes all products are from legitimate distributors and are genuine Cisco parts (whether sourced in South African or International). We offer guarantees on all new products with manufacturers warranty so you buy with no risk. All Cisco equipment is provided with clean serials. 

Cisco have told us not to buy from any one unauthorized?

Precision Networks is an SMB authorised dealer and . Cisco tries to protect their market though and they will say anything to stop people discounting products which we do. The products you buy from us are the same as you buy from the authorised channel – they are just cheaper, with better warranties in most instances and better lead times.

How long will it take to receive equipment?

As Cisco equipment is notoriously harder to source, there is usually at least 5 working days for delivery to Cape Town based companies and +- 7 to 15 days countrywide depending on stock availability. Obviously we will strive to beat this where possible or when our local suppliers have stock.

What types of equipment can I buy?Surplus New: Cisco terms and conditions state that any product more than 3 months old, and therefore outside Cisco’s 90 day warranty period cannot be sold as “new” through its own distribution channels. Some of our suppliers have a global sourcing program to buy such products, bought either as maintenance spares, for upgrades or for installation but then found to be surplus to requirements. The products are either still factory sealed, unused and in unopened boxes. In all cases these boxes are opened and the products tested so that the warranty can be passed onto customers – i.e. the product is original and as good as “new”.