Data backups


Like insurance, you usually only need backups of your data in an emergency and there is nothing worse than finding out that the backup plan you thought was in place, in fact never happened or didn’t work. And you have lost business critical data.

It is essential that critical company data is backed up securely to protect against problems such as file corruption, hardware failures, theft, fire, virus attacks etc. With viruses around such as CryptoLocker which maliciously encrypts data files, there is a real and present danger of losing all the company data which would be very problematic without backups in place.

How many copies of data you keep and how they are managed will depend on your company’s risk profile. You may decide to only keep a single copy of the latest data but this will mean the company will have no historical copies of data. So alternatively you may need copies of the latest data as well as historical backups kept over a longer time period. Again this is business and risk specific.

Another important decision is how backup data is stored. As well as being kept onsite, it is also recommended keeping a copy offsite in the case of fire, theft, as the onsite backup data could be potentially lost along with the original data in an IT emergency.

For smaller amounts of data, companies can use Internet services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or other online services etc, but when the data amount is big, then this becomes impractical. And especially in South Africa, where trying to back up lots of data with our limited bandwidth capabilities would be quite challenging, time consuming and probably expensive.

Precision Networks offers several backup services to assist companies manage their data backup needs. These include configuring the backup processes to store data on some or other onsite storage (Nas, backup server, external drive) as well as daily monitoring to check that the backup processes have actually worked and everything is still ok. The reality is that backups often stop working for many reasons and need to be monitored continuously. If a company staff member is not taking responsibility for checking that backups are working regularly then it may be worth using an outside company to do this.

We also offer data pick up services and swap the storage devices weekly or fortnightly for safekeeping offsite.

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