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Precision Networks | About Us
We provide professional, affordable, reliable and the right IT solutions for companies throughout South Africa helping businesses align with the right technology.

So if you and your company are looking into implementing and maintaining the right technology, while ensuring that these investments are also providing both financial and non-financial value then you have come to the right place.

Alongside implementing business solutions, we also procure IT equipment such as servers, network devices, laptops, desktops, screens, printers, software and/or any other IT equipment that is needed for your business.

We offer  “value for money”  alongside professional, responsive and personalised service.

So contact us today even if it is just for tentative advice on what to do next about your IT setup.
Karen BirtlesOffice Manager

Founded by Patrick Gibson, Precision Networks started trading in early 2006 and we have been on a blistering technology journey ever since.

We’ve tried to stay true to our core beliefs and experience of creating an IT  technology center of excellence for SMBs —and to deliver exceptional  service and products to the businesses we manage.

Whether its companies we work for, or companies who work with us, we value professionalism, passion and the desire to match the right technology with each businesses unique needs.

But enough about us—let’s talk about your company. Whatever your company size and needs, you need IT infrastructure that takes care of the complex stuff, so you can concentrate on what is important for you.

We hope to see you become part of our story.

Arion MetselaarTechnical Engineer "The Russian Soldier"