Overview prices:

Fibre Shaped Price (Incl Vat) Setup
R2895.00 Free – 3 year contract minimum
30Mbps Fibre 30Mbps Down, 30Mbps Up, 
50GB Traffic Bundle
Traffic overage at R25/GB
50Mbps Fibre
50Mbps Down, 50Mbps Up, 200GB Traffic Bundle, Traffic overage at R25/GB 
ADSL Capped Data Price (Incl Vat) Setup N/A 
Super DSL 4 Gig  R50
Super DSL 20 Gigs R135
Super DSL 30 Gigs R210
Super DSL 45 Gigs R283.86
Super DSL 60 Gigs R510.60
Super DSL 75 Gigs R648.66
Super DSL 150 Gigs R910.86
Super DSL 190 Gigs R1482.00
Top Ups per gig R37.62
ADSL Uncapped Data   Price (Incl Vat)
Uncapped 4 Mbps Line R599.00
Uncapped 10 Mbps Line R814.00

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