Overview prices:


Package Monthly (Ex vat) Yearly (Ex vat)
Linux Beginner – 20 Email Accounts, 50MB WebSpace, Stats R50 R365
Linux Home – 50 Email Accounts, 150MB WebSpace, Stats, 1 MySQL DB. R75 R669
Linux Business – 100 Email Accounts, 1000MB WebSpace, Stats, PHP 5, 3 MySQL DB R100 R999
Linux Business Pro – 250 Email Accounts, 2000MB WebSpace, Stats, PHP 4 / 5, MySQL DB R150 R1489
Linux Business Advanced – 500 Email Accounts, 500MB WebSpace, Stats, PHP 4 / 5, MySQL DB, Ruby on Rails  R250 R2699
Linux Business Master – 75 Email Accounts, 1000MB WebSpace, Stats, PHP 4 / 5, MySQL DB, Ruby on Rails  R350 R3799
Windows Business Standard – 25 Email Accounts, 100mb WebSpace, ASP 1.0/2.0/3.0, Access  R175  R1899
Windows Business Advanced – 25 Email Accounts, 250mb WebSpace, ASP 1.0/2.0/3.0, Access/ODBC (2) R225  R2499
Windows Business Master – 25 Email Accounts, 500mb WebSpace, ASP 1.0/2.0/3.0, Access/ODBC (3)  R350 R3699
Linux Business – hosted in USA – US Hosting, 25 Email Accounts, 100MB WebSpace, Stats, PHP R100 R999
Domain Parking – Register your domain & park it for a year. No email, dns or hosting facilities. N/A R50
DNS Hosting – Hosts your DNS for this domain. Manage your DNS settings through MyRSAWEB R15 R100

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