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DTI’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Strategy document identifies “accelerated skills and advanced professional skill development” as one of the major goals of BEE. Likewise the development of skills in the ICT sector is identified as one of the major catalysts for transformation in this sector as defined in the ICT Charter.

But to successfully achieve skills transformation, you need people with the right skills to transfer, and the willingness to transfer them! We at Precision Networks have significant experience and qualifications working for several leading edge, hi-tech companies in South Africa and abroad, which means that we have the skills and experience that the ICT talks about. 

 We believe this is the way forward for doing business because:

  • Larger organisations will get professional IT services while helping to bring smaller companies into the economy, as envisaged by the government in its economic vision for the future. This is good for the economy and job creation. 

  • Forming coalition and equal partnerships by white and black-owned IT organisations is a good way in which all our collective skills and expertise can be harnessed together as a professional team.

  • By working together we are able to learn from each other and transfer ICT skills, as designated by BEE. Smaller “white-owned” organisations such as Precision Networks, which are not fully compliant according to the ICT charter but have much-needed skills, can be part of a fully empowered infrastructure according to BEE. And that is also something that is needed in South Africa .

Other examples of where Precision Networks is using this experience and skills to become compliant include:

  • Procuring project IT equipment through BEE compliant companies

  •  Outsourcing auxiliary jobs to BEE compliant IT organisations

And hence we believe we are making a positive contribution to BEE despite only currently being a Level 4 contributor.