Weekly 5-a-side Social Football

Venue: Weekly get together at the Fives Futbol grounds Canal Walk. 

Time: Monday evenings at 6 pm. Next session  9th February at 6 pm 

Cost: R50 per week.

Format: The initial aim is to have a list of between 10 and 20 players, of which the top listed 12 (or maybe 10) will be the ones eligible to play each week. If a person cannot play on a particular week, then his name drops to the bottom of the list and the person next on the list takes his place in the top 12 (10).

Players who have a top place will be able to play weekly, until eventually they can’t and will have to miss a week. This makes way for players at the bottom of the list in a rotational, fair way. Players who drop to the bottom of the list will need to wait until they can get back into a 12 (10)  top place before they can play again. The list will be updated weekly.

The cost per person will be approximately R 50 per week (to be confirmed) and will cover the court rental for an hour and we plan to start once there are 10 (or 12) players available. Please email patrick @precisionnetworks.co.za if interested.


Player List (9th Feb) – 8:

Name Confirmed Paid Prepaid Sessions left after next session
Patrick Gibson Yes Yes
Michael Stephens Yes Yes
Brett Stephens Yes No
Jason Chin No No
Louis Teixeira Yes No
Vinchenso Kendall Yes Yes 1
Nick Foster Yes No
Nathaniel Japhta No No
Andrew Teare No No
Andre Barnes No No
Warren Gule No No
Chris Hughes No No
Gareth Meaker No No
André Erasmus Yes No
Jonathan Lewis No No
David Salmon Yes No
Michael Gajewski No No
Kennedy Mulenga Yes No
Kamogelo Litheko No No



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